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Ramadhan Food Distribution in Kenya (2018)


This Ramadhan, Safina Charity returned to Wajir (Northern Kenya) as part of their annual mission to distribute food packages to families during this special month.

This year, the team worked hard to provide around 1,000 family food packages. These packages provided an estimated 5,000 men, women and children with food for the month of Ramadhan.

A further 200 packages are planned during the coming week.



Forgotten Kenya


Whilst I was unable to travel with the team on this year’s mission, seeing the images and videos takes me back to when I was in Wajir in 2016.

This remote region is dubbed “Forgotten Kenya” and it’s easy to understand why.

This desert town is a long way from the city streets of Nairobi. This journey from the capital takes around 13 hours by road.

The route passes through Garissa and from that point forward, lies many, many miles of arid desert.

There are no proper roads on the long, treacherous stretch between Garissa and Wajir. Very few people or vehicles are seen outside the various settlements which are passed en-route.



The community living in Wajir are extremely poor and live in some of the most primitive conditions imaginable.

Their shelters are basic and exposed to the elements.



The team distributed packages the 1,000 to families living in various villages in and around Wajir.

What struck me when I first went to Wajir, is that these communities are clearly exceptionally poor. They barely have the basic necessities of life.

Yet, I was taken back by how many smiling faces we were met with.



A world away


For anyone coming from the developed world (including the middle-upper class communities in Kenya), this place is a real eye-opener.

It puts the life many of us lead into perspective. The whole experience certainly made me appreciate many of the things that I have taken for granted during my life.

Even things that are considered basic in developed nations, such as a weatherproof home or comfortable bed, are a world away for many people in places such as Wajir.



Acknowledgements and information


On behalf of Safina Charity, I would like to thank those who contributed and supported this mission. Without such kind donations, packing and logistical support, none of this would be possible.

For more information, visit Safina Charity on Facebook.

Photo credits: Studio 10VR.

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