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East Africa Drought Crisis – Emergency Relief Mission (2017)


In parts of East Africa, up to 22 million people have experienced the worst drought for 60 years.

The drought has led to famine and suffering in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

The situation is gaining international awareness, with many countries and global charities offering support.

On 16th March 2017, Safina Charity conducted an emergency mission. During this mission, the team helped an estimated 3,500 people (1,000 families) in Wajir County, Northern Kenya.

The team have previously conducted support missions in the area during Ramadhan. However, given the urgent need, the team returned to Wajir this March.

The charity are planning further missions to help as many people as possible.



Acknowledgements and information


On behalf of Safina Charity, I would like to thank those who contributed and supported this mission. Without such kind donations, packing and logistical support, none of this would be possible.

For more information, visit Safina Charity on Facebook.

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