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Ayaan is a Scuba Diving Instructor & Coach, based in Leicester, UK with a passion for travel and adventure. He provides his clients with first class, family-friendly scuba diver training in Leicester, UK and by arrangement, anywhere in the UK or globally.

Ayaan is passionate about sharing his adventures with others. His YouTube channel, websites and social media showcase his best adventures, above and below the water, across UK, Europe and Africa.

He also runs Scuba 2000 – a growing community of positive-minded scuba divers and ocean lovers.


Showcasing amazing adventures across the UK & Africa, above and below the water! Explore my YouTube content.

Scuba Diving and Ocean Adventure Club!

Scuba 2000 is a family-friendly diving and snorkelling club, comprising a growing community of positive-minded scuba divers and ocean lovers, from across the UK. The club offers training for kids & adults, continuing education, coaching, travel and socials. Experience the best dive and snorkelling spots with a super friendly & welcoming group!

Join now! We’re open to anyone who enjoys exploring the ocean and aquatic world.

Facebook Group

From safari to scuba diving, from north to south, let’s spread the love and tell the real stories of Africa to the world. Get inspired or share your own travel stories, photos, adventures and experiences.

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